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We always strive to give the best possible products to our consumers, ones that are refreshingly nutritious and delicious at the same time!

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Del Monte-Vinamilk empowers every Filipino to live better and healthier every day with dairy products that push the standards of delicious nutrition. Providing both enjoyment and nutritional benefits, Del Monte Vinamilk is Dairy for the Better.



Del Monte-Vinamilk Fresh Milk is sourced from cows grown in globally-certified environment-friendly dairy farms. It is made with 100% pure cow’s milk. It has no extenders, and has no antibiotics and no added preservatives. It’s the kind of milk worthy of every mom’s 100% love for their family. Available in the Philippines.


Del Monte-Vinamilk IQ Smart™ Flavored Milk drink is fortified with Vitamin A to support eye function, Omega 3 & 6 to aid brain function, and B Vitamins to aid energy production -- nutrients that aim to help children better meet the challenges of new world learning. Not only nutritious, it also comes in delicious Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavor variants! Available in the Philippines.


Del Monte-Vinamilk YoGurt™ Drink is available in two deliciously fruity variants - Mixed Fruits and Strawberry - that can be perfectly paired with snacks or drunk on its own. Because it is fortified with Power10™ Vitamins including Folic Acid, it’s also a delicious way to nourish picky eaters with every sip. Available in the Philippines.



Del Monte-Vinamilk Tea Bliss Milk Tea is made with creamy milk and real black tea, with a winter melon flavor and taste that is at par with your favorite popular milk tea brand. With Tea Bliss, you can sip the stress away any time. Enjoy blissful good vibes at home with Tea Bliss. Available in the Philippines.



Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuits. Enjoy a new and exciting biscuit experience with new Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuits! They are made with real potatoes, baked thin and crisp, not fried. Great to eat as snack, perfect to pair with your favorite dips and spreads. Available in the Philippines.

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Del Monte Mr. Milk Yoghurt Flavored Milk Drink. Kids love Del Monte Mr. Milk’s fruity yoghurt-flavored milky taste. Available in plain, strawberry and green apple flavors, it is available in multi-packs of 6 x 100mL bottles at an everyday, budget-friendly price! Available in the Philippines.



Del Monte Deluxe Gold is made with high quality, premium golden yellow pineapples. It is packed in 100% pineapple juice. It comes in easy-open cans best for snacking. Available in USA and the Philippines.


Del Monte Tomato Ginisa is the easy and healthy ginisa flavor enhancer that transforms sautéed dishes into a rounder, more flavorful, thicker and colorful dish. Each 30g sachet is made from 100% real tomatoes, equivalent to 6 fresh tomatoes, that naturally add a savory flavor and redder color to dishes. Available in the Philippines.



Today’s Tomato Sauce Jolly Sweet Filipino Style provides the family-approved flavor for red dishes because it has “sweet-sarap” (sweet-delicious) taste at a price that fits their budget. Available in the Philippines.




Del Monte Pineapple Chunks is now available in a 200g Stand-up Pouch which is so easy and convenient to use. Just tear up the pack and pour to make your everyday dishes levelled-up! Del Monte Pineapples level-up simple dishes by making them more delicious, nutritious and visually appetizing. Picked at the peak of ripeness and packed on the same day, they also make for a great healthy snack! Available in the Philippines.