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Our products have been part of people’s meals at home for generations, offering nutrition through our shelf-stable, plant-based, culinary food behind brands that people trust.


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Our pineapple plantation in Bukidnon, Philippines


Sustainability has been firmly embedded in our annual plans and is one of five pillars driving our long-term strategic blueprint for growth. This commitment is reinforced by a dedicated function at Group level that reports to the Board of Directors. Each part of the Company is responsible for integrating sustainability in its operations and proposals.

We believe in building future long-term resiliency for our business. New challenges and threats emerge. Our Company needs to continually understand these global issues and engage our stakeholders to identify key issues which affect our customers, the community where we operate, our employees, the environment, and our ability to deliver a fair return to our investors. We continue to remain mindful of the impact of our activities on the future of our planet.

Del Monte is passionate about cultivating good food that brings health and nutrition to our consumers. With one of the most well-known and well-trusted brands in the market, we are committed to maintaining this trust.

At Del Monte, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from growing healthy produce that enriches the land to providing nutritious products to consumers and communities. We produce food that go through comprehensive quality and safety procedures to provide premium products which meet the strictest food standards to nourish consumers.  

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Product Quality and Safety




















DMPI ensures that consumers understand our commitment to conform to food safety standards and regulatory requirements through our food safety management system. DMPI facilities have quality certifications which attest to the quality and safety of our products. Our toll manufacturers likewise adhere to the same commitment.

  1. In FY22, all of our facilities received an A or AA rating from the Global Food Safety Initiative.

  2. Del Monte conducts extensive Risk Assessment/Hazard Analysis and incorporates actions to assure that the products and ingredients meet the highest standards prior to market launch.

  3. The Quality Policy of Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction in providing food products that meet the highest global standards in quality, food safety, hygiene and service.

  4. The Company has a Quality Management and Food Safety System in place that ensures the quality and safety of our products. Manufacturing programs have been established to mitigate hazards including periodic assessments facilitated by third-party certification agencies.

  5. DMPI undergoes certification and customer audits, and findings, if any, are addressed immediately to ensure the Company’s processes meet or exceed the standards. In FY22, the Company underwent 11 certification audits, 1 regulatory audit and 11 customer audits by reputable independent international auditors, business partners, and customers.

  6. Each facility has their own Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and Emergency Response teams and procedures to ensure they continue to operate and mitigate product, environmental and workplace risks. The BCPs are tested periodically as part of the employees’ training on crisis management.

  7. The Toll Manufacturers’ Quality Management Programs ensure that toll manufacturers are aligned with the Company’s safety and quality standards using a standard scorecard and key performance indicators. The respective managers oversee their operations.

  8. Toll manufacturers are required to hold FSSC 22000, BRC, and HACCP certifications. Five out of six toll manufacturers have one of these quality certifications.

  9. DMPI regularly audits its toll manufacturers in compliance with its GMP, HACCP, and Good Laboratory Practices standards. All toll manufacturing facilities complied with these standards and are verified by internal and external audits.

  10. Our Toll Pack team strives to reduce consumer complaints by involving our toll manufacturers in the resolution of issues and improvement of our processes.




Product Innovation






















Our Vision statement sums up what innovation is to Del Monte:

“We nourish families by providing delicious food and beverages that make eating healthfully effortless – anytime and anywhere. We build brands with quality products that are perfectly wholesome and thoughtfully prepared.”

For generations, our company has proudly earned this reputation with a singular dedication to quality and a series of innovations.

As a market leader that seeks to cater to consumer preferences, we understand that consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of the ingredients in their food and are often looking for positive health properties such as low-fat, low-sugar or low-sodium. This emphasis on health benefits has ongoing implications for product design and sourcing.

Innovation and renovation in the Philippine Market has largely focused on strengthening our core categories behind relevant functional benefits. New products contributed 6.5% of total FY22 sales of DMPI.

Del Monte launched a new, summer season flavor for its fruit cocktail – Del Monte Fiesta with Mandarin Orange and Del Monte Fiesta with Langka (Jackfruit). These flavors are a delicious medley of pineapple, papaya, nata de coco and cherries – featuring bright wedges of mandarin orange or festive slivers of jackfruit.

Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Juice Drinks offer personalized choices fit for young adults’ fitness journey and come in three concepts: “Burn” that helps reduce fat, “Control” that makes one feel full longer, and “Detox” that detoxifies the body.

We launched seasonal Del Monte Juice Drink variants with delicious and healthy flavors to drive home consumption occasions. These include Melon Cucumber and Tropical Punch, and 100% Tipco Kiwi and Lychee.

DMPI’s strategic joint venture with Vietnam Dairy Products JSC (Vinamilk), the largest dairy company in Vietnam, launched new products in the Philippines in September 2021. These include ready-to-drink Del Monte-Vinamilk Fresh Milk, Del Monte-Vinamilk IQ Smart Flavored Milk, Del Monte-Vinamilk YoGurt Drink and Del Monte-Vinamilk Tea Bliss Milk Tea. The JV presents a growth opportunity as Del Monte expands into a new category with products consumed in Filipino households daily.

Del Monte Carbonara made with real milk and real cream was relaunched with a fresh pack design and upsized in recognition of the growing love of Filipinos for sauces beyond red sauces.

Del Monte strives to offer the best quality product that gives a delectable, al dente pasta experience to more discerning consumers with the relaunch of Del Monte Pasta Italiana made only from the finest durum semolina wheat.







Health and Nutrition



































We are committed to health and nutrition and consumers trust our brands.  We actively work to ensure that our brands maintain this trust from one generation to the next. We encourage consumers to contact us with any concerns about our products. We always consider ways to improve our products and customer service. Consumers can be assured that their feedback will be shared with key decision-makers. 




Responsible Marketing

Health Statement for FY22

In FY22, DMPI achieved 29% average sugar reduction and 27% average sodium reduction for certain SKUs.


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 Product testing of Del Monte Juice Drinks

















Part of the Company’s commitment to ensure that its products are safe is having a robust traceability program in place. The traceability program allows the Company to quickly identify the origin of the product, should an event arise, from its source and production to retailer. It takes a maximum of four hours to trace products to their origin, at par with international standards.

  1. The Company's facilities and toll manufacturers comply with the standards of the Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) to trace products from its production date.

  2. DMPI conducts traceability exercises and can complete its production lots identification from raw manufacturing to the packaging process.  

  3. The Company conducted 18 trace exercises, all within the 4-hour time frame.

  4. DMPI conducts training for employees in handling issues related to product recalls, complaints and safety.  

  5. Traceability assessment is conducted during certification and customer audits of our facility and our toll manufacturers.


Product Packaging























Our Company understands the need to have a packaging that protects our product, attracts consumers, is convenient to use, and strives to make a positive influence on the environment.

We believe more efforts need to be exerted to ensure we maintain the quality and safety of our products as well as regulate our environmental impact. It gives us double incentive to rework our product packaging in a more environment-friendly manner.

Our goal is to ensure the safety of our products as we nourish consumers, enrich lives, every day.

In the Philippines, all packaging materials in the cannery and toll packers are 100% BPA-Non Intent.

DMPI reduced rigid plastic bottles and caps material usage by 10% and stand-up pouches by 4.4%.
The Company also innovated our packaging for consumers’ convenience. Our juices come in resealable one-liter cartons.

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